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Fuel Injection Cleaning Saves you Money

A vehicle’s fuel system is at the heart of its performance and efficiency. Over time, deposits can accumulate, leading to decreased fuel economy and compromised engine performance. At Auto Rehab, we offer Fuel Injection Cleaning services designed to clean your fuel system thoroughly, ensuring optimal vehicle operation and helping you save at the pump.

When It's Time for a Fuel Injection Cleaning

Carbon Deposits: High heat and pressure in modern engines lead to the rapid accumulation of carbon deposits on intake valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers.
Fuel Efficiency: A well-maintained fuel system ensures maximum fuel economy.
Optimal Performance: Experience smoother and more responsive drives with a clean fuel system.
Cost Savings: With better fuel efficiency, you’ll make fewer stops at the gas station, saving money over time.
Longevity: Regularly cleaned fuel systems can prolong the life of your engine.
Environmental Benefits: A clean fuel system results in a cleaner burn, reducing emissions and your carbon footprint.

Top-Rated Services for Phoenix, AZ

At Auto Rehab, we take pride in our highly-rated battery and charging system services. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our stellar Google reviews from satisfied customers across the valley.

Should You Consider Fuel Injection Cleaning?

Irregular Engine Performance: If your engine doesn’t run as smoothly as it once did.
Dipping Fuel Economy: If you’re filling up more frequently than usual.
Before Long Journeys: Ensure optimal performance for extended road trips.
Reduced Power: A decrease in your vehicle’s overall power.
Routine Maintenance: It’s recommended to have the cleaning done annually or every 15,000 miles.
Complementary Service: Best when paired with other BG Service offerings or if considering fuel system repairs.

Schedule Your Fuel Injection Cleaning

We focus on offering the best Fuel Injection Cleaning Services in the valley, we incorporate the BG Platinum Fuel System Service as our premium additive to save you money. This service complements our cleaning process and ensures noticeable drivability improvements for your vehicle. Though the spotlight is on the cleaning, it’s worth noting the superior results delivered with the integration of BG Products.

Keep your fuel system in pristine condition and your vehicle running at its best. Schedule your Fuel Injection Cleaning service at Auto Rehab today and experience the difference. Drive smart, save money, and enjoy the open road.


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BG Gasoline Fuel Services restore MPG and performance! These services will keep your car running better, and longer. The BG Platinum® Fuel System Service is backed by the FREE Lifetime BG Protection Plan®. 

Is your vehicle showing its age? Engine knock, rough idle, hard start and poor gas mileage could be signs of carbon deposits in your engine! Turn back the clock on your vehicle with BG Fuel Injection Cleaning Service to remove deposits and restore proper air and fuel flow. Call for your appointment today! 


Auto Rehab continues to grow and we’re now able to offer new discounts for the community and promotions to aid in the reliability of all our client’s vehicles.


Auto Rehab continues to grow and we’re now able to offer new discounts for the community and promotions to aid in the reliability of all our client’s vehicles.