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Cooling System Flush

Your vehicle’s cooling system plays a crucial role in regulating engine temperature and preventing overheating. Over time, the coolant’s efficiency can degrade, leading to potential engine damages. At Auto Rehab, we prioritize your vehicle’s health with our premium Cooling System Flush Services.

What a Cooling System Flush does for your car

Corrosion Prevention: Coolant degradation can lead to the loss of its anti-corrosion properties, causing damage to essential components like the water pump, radiator, and thermostat.
Heat Transfer Efficiency: Avoid buildup on heat transfer surfaces, ensuring efficient coolant circulation and effective heat shedding.
Restored Cooling Functionality: Experience optimal engine temperature control with our premium flush service.
Prolonged Engine Life: Regular cooling system maintenance ensures a well-regulated engine temperature, significantly reducing wear and tear, and extending the engine’s overall lifespan.
Engine Safety: The removal of rust and other debris prevents potential water pump failures, blown head gaskets, and warped heads.
Financial Savings: A timely flush can prevent unplanned, costly repairs and extend the life of your cooling system components.

Auto Rehab helps you Beat the Phoenix Heat

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Is your car ready for a Coolant System Flush

Coolant Issues: If the coolant is contaminated, low, or has been unchanged for over 5 years.
Routine Maintenance: Every 30,000 miles, it’s recommended to refresh your cooling system.
System Repairs: Ideal when dealing with cooling system issues or replacements, such as radiator, water pump, or thermostat repairs.
Overheating Signs: If the engine’s temperature runs higher than usual, it may be time for a flush.
Acidity Test: Opt for the service if the coolant tests positive for acidity.
Unusual Noises: If you start hearing unfamiliar sounds, like gurgling or boiling from the radiator or hoses, it’s an indication that the cooling system might be air-bound or experiencing circulation problems.

Let Auto Rehab help your vehicle go the distance.

At Auto Rehab, we take pride in providing only the best services for our customers. Our Cooling System Flush service, enhanced with the premium BG additive, isn’t just about the immediate fix – it’s about ensuring long-term vehicle health and driver safety. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in the future health and efficiency of your vehicle. Trust in our expertise, advanced equipment, and our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.  


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Auto Rehab continues to grow and we’re now able to offer new discounts for the community and promotions to aid in the reliability of all our client’s vehicles.


Auto Rehab continues to grow and we’re now able to offer new discounts for the community and promotions to aid in the reliability of all our client’s vehicles.