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Engine Diagnostics

Our expert technicians don’t just “fix” your vehicle – they delve into its heart, the engine, to accurately identify the root cause of any issues. Why? Because treating symptoms without addressing the underlying problem can lead to unnecessary costs and continued malfunctions. By ensuring precise diagnostics, we avoid needless part replacements and instead address the real issue. This commitment to your vehicle’s health translates to a multitude of benefits such as enhanced fuel efficiency, extended engine life, and substantial cost savings.

Why Proper Engine Diagnostics Matter:

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: A well-diagnosed engine optimizes your fuel consumption, saving you costs at the gas station.

Reduced Emissions: Proper engine diagnostics ensure your car emits less pollution, contributing to a greener planet.

Prolonged Engine Life: Early identification and resolution of engine issues can extend its lifespan, preventing costly replacements.

Optimal Vehicle Performance: Regular diagnostics can help maintain your vehicle’s optimal performance, promising a smoother ride.

Preventative Care: Routine engine checks can preempt major engine troubles, saving you from unexpected repairs.

Increased Resale Value: A well-maintained engine can boost the resale value of your vehicle, ensuring a better return on your investment.

Why the community chooses Auto Rehab:

With close to 200 five-star reviews, Auto Rehab is your trusted partner for engine diagnostics. Our reputation stems from our consistent delivery of excellent customer service, top-notch workmanship, and honest pricing. We believe in complete transparency and building lifelong relationships with our clients.

Signs your Vehicle has Issues that Require Diagnosis.

Excessive Smoke from Exhaust: Too much smoke could indicate an issue with your engine’s oil or coolant system.

Loss of Power or Acceleration: If your vehicle struggles on hills or takes longer to reach desired speeds, this could be a sign of engine problems.

Engine Runs after Ignition is Off: If your engine continues running after you’ve turned the ignition off, it’s time for a diagnostic check.

Erratic RPMs: If your engine’s revolutions per minute (RPMs) fluctuate without reason, a check-up is necessary.

Engine Overheating: Frequent overheating can suggest problems within the engine that need diagnosing.

Unusual Engine Odor: A strange smell, such as burning oil or antifreeze, can signal an engine issue that requires immediate attention.

Common Services for Engine Diagnostics:

Check Engine Light Diagnosis: Our technicians will decode the problem accurately, addressing the root cause.

Fuel System Analysis: We analyze your fuel system to improve economy and emissions.

Ignition System Diagnosis: We ensure a reliable start every time you turn the key.

Emission Systems: Protect the environment while you drive with our comprehensive emissions diagnostics.

Computerized Engine Controls Check: We examine all electronic and sensor-based controls for perfect engine operation.

Cooling System Evaluation: We examine your engine’s cooling system to prevent overheating.


Times get tough for us all.  While Auto Rehab does not provide loans directly, we do have relationships with a few companies that may provide you with financing options for needed automotive repairs.


Auto Rehab has no influence on your financing terms or ability to obtain financing…we only repair vehicles.

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We stand behind our customers, our parts, and our highly trained technicians with a nationwide warranty.  Our warranties are a true 3-Years or 36,000 Mile Non-Prorated Guarantee that your repairs are covered from coast to coast.

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Auto Rehab continues to grow and we’re now able to offer new discounts for the community and promotions to aid in the reliability of all our client’s vehicles.


Auto Rehab continues to grow and we’re now able to offer new discounts for the community and promotions to aid in the reliability of all our client’s vehicles.


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